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As a seasoned veteran in the book design and printing industry, I’ve built up a community of talented individuals. These trusted partners can be a great asset to your team!


Every author needs an editor and proofreader at some point during the process of writing their book. Investing in these services ensures your manuscript will be polished, professional, and ready for design and formatting.

These are editors, proofreaders, and indexers that I’ve hired on behalf of my clients or with whom I have a professional relationship. Find the one that suits you and your book the best.


Sheila Cameron has been helping writers share their stories since 2006. Structural editing will help you tell your story more effectively. Stylistic editing improves writing quality and maximizes readability. Copy editing ensures that your work is professional. Proofreading eliminates errors that distract and turn off readers.


Chrissy Das is a business book writing coach, professional ghostwriter and editor who will help you put the pieces of your story into a structured narrative arc that communicates your values and demonstrates your passion and power. She is an empathetic editor and a very clear communicator.


Joanna M. Eng is writer, editor and proofreader with over 10 years of experience on a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books. Her experience in editing and producing blog posts and articles, and integrating content with social media will be very helpful with your author website. In addition to The Chicago Manual of Style and other editing standards, Joanna is fluent in WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, content management systems, MailChimp, HTML, analytics, and much more.


Adeline Hull graduated with an AA from Everett Community College in Washington state. Her classes were catered toward writing and human services. Adeline earned a High-Level Proofreading Pro certificate and a Certificate of Line Editing through Edit Republic. She has also read the 936-page Chicago Manual of Style to get an even better grasp on professional language.


David Marsh is a graduate of Simon Fraser University’s highly regarded editing program. He offers substantive editing, copy editing, and proofreading for book publishers and self-publishing authors. David has a strong background working in biography/memoir, business, the environment, government, history, popular science, public transit, self-help, travel, and urban affairs.


Dania Sheldon holds a doctorate in English Language and Literature from the University of Oxford and has 25 years of experience editing a diverse variety of material in numerous genres. In 2017, Dania received the Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence from Editors Canada. In addition to editing, Dania offers manuscript assessment, coaching, copyright, licensing negotiation and indexing.


Editors Canada is a not-for-profit organization with a large database of editors and proofreaders from across Canada. Search their directory of over 400 editors across the country and contact your choices directly.


How do you fit writing a book into your busy life? If you have a strong story and message, a ghostwriter can help by working with you collaboratively or by doing the heavy lifting and completing the entire book writing project for you. The people who most commonly hire a ghostwriter are cultural and business leaders, industry experts, and executives. I highly recommend any one of these ghostwriters from my professional community.


Erin Donley is an editor and a ghostwriter who takes your ideas and translates them for maximum impact. Her clients appreciate how she can strip away jargon, refine their ideas, and find words that prompt a reader to take action.


Jennifer Locke helps business owners, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs write books that showcase their brilliance. She’s been writing books for 11 years and has ghostwritten for major publishers. Jennifer has helped dozens of people write their own books, through bespoke coaching and her self-study resources.


Danielle Perlin-Good is a ghostwriter who helps company founders and leaders to unleash their memoirs, self-help, and personal growth non-fiction books so they can share their powerful legacies and transform lives.


Most of the authors I work with ask me to find the best printer for their project or choose the POD route (where each book is printed-on-demand after the buyer purchases it online). If you’re motivated to self-manage this aspect of publishing your book, this information is for you

Digital printing is the most cost effective for runs under 1,000 and produces very high-quality books. If you want to print over 1,000 books, it becomes cheaper to run your book as an offset job. In my experience, offset book printers also have a wider choice of interior papers. Base your decision on budget, your self-publishing goals and a marketing plan.



Blitzprint is based in Alberta, Canada and has been working with self-published authors for over 30 years. They specialize in short-run printing and offer add-on services to authors, such as distribution, fulfillment, and marketing. The Blitzprint website has lots of resources for the self-publishing author.


Baker & Taylors Publisher Services in Ashland, OH offers offset, short-run digital, and print-on-demand plus a variety of services including storage and fulfillment, marketing and an online bookstore.


Bookmobile of Minneapolis, MN does print runs from a minimum of 25 to a maximum of 3,000 per order. They print trade paperbacks, hardcover books, full-color illustrated books and, also provide a wide range of flexible trim sizes and special treatments.


Edition One Books works with art and design professionals to manufacture beautifully crafted short-run books at their Richmond, CA facility. Their exceptional selection of cover materials and special options such as foil stamping will make your book stand out. They offer hands-on personal service and will print a run as low as five copies.


Printorium Bookworks is located in Victoria, BC. It’s your one-stop shop to print books and the business cards, postcards, bookmarks, and posters a self-publisher needs for their marketing campaign. Printorium prints quality soft cover books in quantities starting at 10.



Friesens specializes in full-color hardcover and softcover books and offers many types of binding options. Centrally located in Altona, MB, Canada, Friesens offers competitive quotes for printing and shipping books to the US.


Hemlock uses the latest printing technology for any size or type of book. Located in Vancouver, Canada, their high-quality work is reflected in the prices they charge.



Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is part of the Amazon world-wide machine. It offers printing, distribution, and marketing for e-books, softcover and hardcover books along with online author services. KDP is considered better for online sales because of its connection to Amazon.


IngramSpark offers printing, distribution, and marketing for e-books, softcover and hardcover books along with online author services. Ingram is better for your bookstore and library sales because they are a trusted, major book distributor.


The use of icons, photographs, technical drawings or custom illustrations in non-fiction books can improve reader understanding and make your content more engaging. When stock images just won’t do, hiring an illustrator whose style suits your book is a great option. I highly recommend these illustrators who are in my professional community.


Aline Monjardim creates bespoke illustrations, visual concepts, and layouts for print and digital media. Her illustrations will inspire and invite your readers to engage more deeply with your content.


Daryn Rowley is a graphic designer and illustrator with a marketing background. She specializes in illustration for children’s books and editorial illustration.

Stock Images

There are two categories of stock images. Royalty-free have a fixed price and can be used multiple times on anything. The downside is that other authors may end up using the same image. My suggestion is to dig deep — don’t use anything on the first 10 pages of your search result. For rights-managed images, you purchase the right to use the image for a specific purpose (front cover), for a specific circulation (5,000 copies), and for a specific geographical area (North America). Rights-managed images are pricey but if exclusivity is important to you, this could be a good solution.


iStock by Getty Images is one of my favourite stock image sites for their extensive selection but prepare to pay well for the images you want. Use the keyword search box to find your perfect image. You can refine a search specifying image type, orientation, etc. Create a “Board” for your top picks to keep track of the images you’re interested in.


CanStock is one of the world’s largest and oldest ‘micro stock’ photography agencies that carries a dizzying selection of digital images. They have over 117,000 contributors from around the world and add over 24,000 new files each day.


First Light is a Canadian company offering rights-managed and royalty-free stock images by its own 200+ photographers. They represent a curated library of over 13,000,000 third party images and video clips to ensure that their clients’ needs are met in every way. First Light has the most extensive collection of Canadian visual content available anywhere in the world.


FotoSearch provides royalty-free and rights-managed stock photography, illustrations, maps, video, and audio. The products on FotoSearch can be licensed and easily downloaded.


GoGraph offers stock photography, vectors, and clip art. With over 1 million images their collection is a less expensive alternative to high-priced Royalty Free images.


ImageZoo has an impressive collection of distinctive images created by some of the world’s most talented illustrators. If you’re planning on doing a series of books that require the same illustration style, this might be the place to find your ‘perfect fit’.


Masterfile is a Canadian company with a world-wide reach. They feature millions of premium rights-managed and royalty-free photos and illustrations covering a wide range of subjects.


RGBStock has a huge number of high-quality free stock photos and free graphics for magazines, books, brochures, flyers and, text books. All images are free for personal and commercial use.


Pexels is a stock photo and video website that helps you look for visuals to find great photos and videos that can be downloaded and used for free. If you see a photo or video you like, simply download it no strings attached.


Unsplash offers beautiful, free images and photos that you can download and use for any project.


Vecteezy has an extensive selection of vectors, photos and, videos. You can find lots of free images with some of the best reserved for subscription holders only.