Supporting You With Soul

I’m Toni, a forty-year commercial printing industry veteran, a passionate book designer since 2009, and a person who loves to spread joy. Fortunately, all of these qualities fit together beautifully at Sanserofin Studio where I help authors turn their manuscripts into stunning books.

After many years of working in print and a satisfying stint as a freelance production designer, I realized something life-changing. I love to serve creative and tenacious authors and I wanted to invest this service with as much soul as possible. What does that mean? It’s about creating deep connections, giving total commitment, and making the final phase of a book project the most exciting, easy, and joyful part. I found I could deliver this experience best by founding my own studio.

My authors—whether they’re entrepreneurs, non-profit professionals, or memoirists—benefit from my industry experience and connections as well as my personal vision for service. I know a lot about designing and printing books—and I know a lot of the people involved in this dynamic, complex industry. You could say that I’m the sweet spot for authors who want the most professional yet personable experience when the time comes to design and print their books.


Client Stories

Bridge River Gold: A Historical Treasure

When the Bridge River Valley Association reached out to Sanserofin Studio, they were about ready to give up. After all, they needed a lot more than just a designer to create their book about life in their small, formerly gold mining town. Fortunately, they found me, and I had the niche skillsets and professional network required to pull it off. That meant researching the historical historical ‘periods’; designing and formatting the book; hiring a transcriber, content editor, and image scanning specialist; cataloguing historic photos; getting print quotes; and arranging the delivery of the books. In the end, the Association got a beautiful book that is still one of this historic mining town museum’s best sellers.

The Courageous Entrepreneur: An Exercise in Branding Boldly

Rinette Lagace is an expert in cash flow management with a lot of wisdom to share with entrepreneurs. But would that audience connect with the engaging lessons she had put into her manuscript? Would they make the mistake of assuming that cash flow management was too dry a topic? The key, for a book like Rinette’s, is a strong brand that helps readers overcome any hesitations. The book’s working title—“Cash Flow Strategies to Build Resiliency in Your Business”—struck me as a good, clear subtitle. But a phrase from the manuscript—“courage is necessary for entrepreneurship”—gave us the hook we needed. With the new title “The Courageous Entrepreneur” in place, the visual brand unfolded easily. The cover, showing a person held aloft by a red umbrella over a sea of sharks, makes the importance of Rinette’s expertise crystal clear.

To Lay Aside Dreams: A Memoir Made in the Nick of Time

I cried when I got a voice message from one very special client. He had called to describe his joy at holding a printed copy of his book. It was a memoir about constructing a life path, fresh off a wilderness commune and including his multi-decade journey with cancer—the cancer that had reappeared that very year. It was a race against time, but I had made a commitment to put that book in his hands while he was healthy enough to share it. And we managed to make his dream come true in under five weeks: 50 copies of a stunning casebound book for his loved ones. I wish that I had kept the message—but fortunately it’s one I’ll never forget.


Better Than I Could Have Imagined

Thank you for the amazing job you have done on the book,
and for coping with the pressure of what you knew was a very personal project.

A Total Pro

Toni is at the top of her game!
Wonderful to work with a total pro.

Inside Out, Chronicles of a Rock and Roll CEO
Skillful and Patient

I appreciate your skillful and creative design and patience in guiding me through the process.

The Ask
A Total Pleasure

Thank you, Toni.
It has been a total pleasure working with you.

To Lay Aside Dreams
Thank you...

For your work in getting Minus One published.
People LOVE the cover!

Minus One
Working with You Has Been a Pure Delight

We could have not found a better person for this project.
Big hugs from both of us.

Workbook Author
Major Factor in Our Success

As a result of working with Toni, we have two really terrific books.
She has been a major factor in our success and we are very grateful.

Behind the Gold and Bridge River Gold
Very Talented Designer

Toni is a great resource and a very talented designer,
(authors) would benefit so much by working with Toni!

The Courageous Entrepreneur
I recommend Toni Without Reservation

From start to finish she was a delight to work with and I really appreciated her professional approach and unwavering commitment to the project!

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