Why do I need a professional book designer?

Professional book designers are highly skilled with a deep understanding of typography, layout, colour theory, and design principles. Readers can spot an amateur-designed book cover from the moment they see it. Font selection, spacing, margins, chapter headings, page numbering, and other details must be just right to ensure a visually cohesive and professional design and interior layout.

What’s included in your services?

Congratulations on the monumental task of finishing your manuscript! You’re part of a unique group. I read a sobering statistic that said 81% of people say they want to write a book, 15% start writing their book, 6% make it to the halfway mark, 3% finish their books, and only 0.6% publish!

Most non-fiction books are between 200–300 pages and require the same basic services. I offer design and formatting packages that contain everything you need to get your book published. If there’s something you need that’s not included, I have a list of add-on service options.

Each Custom Full-colour Cover and Interior Package Contains: Design, layout, and formatting. Project management (phone calls, email, and video meetings) until your book is published. Industry standard (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat) high resolution files uploaded to your printer and packaged for your archives (you will own all the rights to your book design). A low-resolution JPG of the front cover for email and social media.

How long will it take to prepare my book for printing?

A 200-page book with no images, tables or special text treatments can take 4–6 weeks. A pictorial memoir or family history with graphic elements, images, sidebars, and a complex layout can take 3–6+ months. Project timing can also be affected by how organized your materials are when you submit them to me and how responsive you are during the proofing and feedback rounds.

Will I be involved in the design decisions?

Absolutely. I always look forward to working in collaboration with my clients. As the expert on your subject matter, your input is vital. I’ll consult with you throughout the entire design and production process. Many of the authors I’ve worked with have found participating in the design stage of their self-publishing journey to be very informative and rewarding. Once the design is confirmed, you can feel confident I’ll handle all the technical and production details.

Do I need to have my manuscript professionally edited before my book is formatted?

Yes. Investing in the services of an experienced copy editor is essential for a professional looking and polished book—and it will save you money. Even the smallest text changes after your book is formatted can cause the text to re-flow and affect many pages to follow. Unfortunately, when that occurs, extra charges will be added to the final invoice.

Do you offer any layout revisions?

A limited number of iterations and revisions are built into each design and formatting package. The details will be listed in your chosen service package. Changes outside the scope of the package price will result in additional charges but rest assured that I keep track and will alert you well ahead of time so we can discuss and regroup.

Can you help me get my book into stores?

I am happy to recommend one of the many marketing experts in my network to help you.

What are your payment options and terms?

After you’ve approved the project cost, we’ll sign a Client Agreement. Work on your book will commence upon receipt of a 50% deposit with the final payment due upon delivery of print-ready files to you or your printer. I accept payments through PayPal or by e-transfer (Canadian clients only).

Do you offer additional services?

I offer design services to authors who need marketing materials for in-person book launches, book reading events, speaking engagements, etc. Please ask me for details.